Saturday, April 14, 2018

Suntex Marina at Lantana - We see Southern Blvd Bridge

Approaching the bridge
We finally got our rental car this morning. Enterprise had cars shipped in from other locations but not until Saturday morning when our reservation was for Friday morning. Well, better late than never I guess.

You can see that nothing is getting through that center span!
We headed north because we wanted to see the Southern Blvd Bridge for ourselves. We found a side road and took pictures. The enter span is indeed completely blocked by a construction barge. We did see some smaller boats go under the section of the bridge away from the center span. I don't know the exact clearance but it looked like 20 ft or so.

But there is room for smaller boats to sneak under a side channel
It looks like an awful lot of stuff to move out of the way by Tuesday morning. We've heard nothing about them being late and I hope that holds true. We also looked at the anchorage and there are two nearby. One is close to the bridge and if President Trump is in town, we won't be able to use that one. The second anchorage is much farther south and it's still okay but not as convenient. Both anchorages have access to sandy beaches for Hoolie. We may just decide to use one of the two anchorages Monday night in order to be ready for the 7:30 am bridge opening. We are anxious to get moving north again after a week's wait!

Ann had a good night's sleep for the first time in two days and I think she's on the way to recovery but not entirely out of the woods yet. She's got a ton of medications to take so she's on a regime. The wind pipes up Sunday with some rain but Monday is supposed to be good for reaching the anchorage, we hope.