Monday, April 16, 2018

Suntex Marina at Lantana - Last day

Goodbye Suntex!

Given that low tide coincided with the time we wanted to depart for the 7:30 opening, we decided to wait until we had more tide and leave to make the 10:00 opening. There was another boat in the marina that left earlier today and they are anchored near the bridge for the 7:30 opening. They gave us a call and reported that 25 boats are anchored out and expected to pass through at 7:30 Tuesday.

We only have about 28 Nm to go Tuesday to our usual Hobe Sound anchorage by R38, so leaving at 10:00 is no problem and will avoid the 7:30 rush. After Tuesday, it's speedway time for going north. We hope to move every day.

Indiantown bridge is coming up,
it opens on the hour and 1/2 hour
The ETA will appear for the bridge once you're moving
I added a route to the GPX Routes list that starts at Hobe Sound. The waypoints include every bridge that needs to be raised for a sailboat. The waypoints give the bridge names (you must call ahead to tell them you want though) and the opening schedules. When downloaded to an app like Aqua Map, the ETA to each bridge will be shown as you progress down the ICW so you can time your passage to hit the bridge when it's scheduled to open. It should be helpful to those running the ICW to Ft Lauderdale with all those bridges.