Sunday, April 1, 2018

Marathon - we tour the harbor

The building you see in the background is Publix, wouldn't it be nice if there were a dinghy dock there (there's no access)!
Today was Easter Sunday and in New England, where Ann's from, it was always celebrated with a dinner with all the trimmings. We didn't have all the side dishes but Ann did proud with a pork tenderloin, handmade biscuits, watermelon salad with feta cheese, and a chocolate cake she baked in our oven which we had with ice cream at the end. I had a great dinner.

One of many similar boats - and they are the ones that survived!
Unfortunately, I still have my chest cold so now I'm under orders to go right to bed after doing the blog. In the afternoon, we did manage to tour the area in our dinghy and saw lots of boats with damage. However, the only ones we saw were the ones still afloat! Maybe they required a lot of repair work but at least there was a boat left to repair.

We do get nice sunsets in Marathon with the clouds over the gulf stream
We are still looking at Wednesday for departure day with the promise of a settled night at Rodriguez Key given winds of less than 10 kts predicted. From there we should be able to reach Marine Stadium and plan our next leg to Ft Lauderdale. Meanwhile, the genset decided it needed an impeller change which is no fun since the key in the slot that causes the impeller to spin is loose. So you have to put the impeller on while ensuring you don't disturb the loose key (knock it out). The Volvo and the rest of the civilized world has either an indent on the shaft or a fluted shaft so there's no loose key to knock out - much, much easier. I guess Kohler saved a few cents on the design. The last time I did this replacement, it took about four hours and much discussion concerning the idiot that designed that pump! Patience, patience, I'll try the replacement Monday.


captainwjm said...

Bob, I’m curious how you can see clouds over the Gulf stream in the sunset; perhaps you meant sunrise?

Islamorada, Fl Keys

Bob423 said...

Bill, Marathon runs east-west unlike farther north. The Gulf Stream is due south of us, the photo was taken during our happy hour.