Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Rodriguez Key - at anchor

You can see it's a long dinghy ride but the ramp is free and still available
Oh, what a fine day for traveling! We had a 10 kt wind most of the way out of the south that steadied the boat with our mainsail up. It was just a little sloppy in the morning but as we progressed, the wave action calmed even more.

Unfortunately, Mandalay Restaurant didn't survive Irma
We are now anchored at Rodreguez Key with about a dozen other boats who saw the same opportunity for going north in good weather. We dropped the hook in the same spot as always, just south of Mandalay Restaurant but, alas, the restaurant is no more. It got wiped out by Irma. It's in ruins for now. I have a little over a 1/2 mile in my dinghy to reach a free boat ramp which I use for Hoolie relief.  It looks like the area was pretty well torn up although the marina next door looks to be operational.

We missed a lot of sunsets with the lousy weather in the fall so we're trying to catch up on the way north
We expect a calm night and we're hoping for enough good weather to reach Marine Stadium on Thursday. North winds are predicted for later in the day and we hope to beat them to Miami.


captainwjm said...

Bob, It hasn’t been Mandalay for several years. Instead it became the third Island Grill. Both that one and the Snake Creek one were destroyed by Irma. Both are slated for rebuild, but as you’ve seen, that is a long way off.

Continued fair weather.