Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Marathon - Key Fisheries is fine

Key Fisheries, still standing and as good as ever
One of the big attractions of Marathon, at least for us, is Key Fisheries. We usually find the time to eat there but on this visit, I wandered over just to see how they did during Irma. According to what I saw today, they survived just fine. It may have been a different story several months ago but everything has been cleaned up and they are open for business.

Their fish market, all the clerks ducked when they saw I was going to take a photo.
They also have a fish market and I looked in and found grouper to my liking so I bought a little under a pound for dinner tonight. Ann prepared Citrus Garlic Baked Fish with Rice and it was up to her usual standards.

If anything was going to be damaged, I would have thought this bar would be on the list
I looked over at the raised bar next door to Key Fisheries and to my surprise, it survived as well. I couldn't see any damage although there could have been and it was repaired. With my inspection completed and with fish in hand with ice, I headed back to Fleetwing to see the sunset.

Ah, another Marathon sunset!
On Wednesday morning, we will head east to Rodriguez Key where a calm night is predicted by every weather app I have. There is some variability as to what happens on Thursday with a north wind coming in but it should hold off long enough for us to get inside before the waves kick up. Friday looks like a good enough day for reaching Ft Lauderdale and a mooring, we hope where we will be through Sunday, leaving Monday morning for the Lantana anchorage.We are now officially on the move north.