Saturday, April 7, 2018

Marine Stadium - last day

Crew shells were all around us
We watched an "anchored" boat wander around the anchorage today. Whatever it had down for ground tackle was obviously not good enough. It did not appear to be a junker: just a boat that someone had left for cheap storage while they were away. It had a new dinghy and dinghy motor on board and appeared to be set up for cruising. As it dragged by, we re-anchored far away since there was a wind shift due tonight. Strange how some people just don't pay attention to having a decent anchor.

They zipped by in all directions
The crowds arrived today for shell racing. They were all around us in all sizes. We just spent most of the day watching the races. Then, when the races were over, the parties arrived. They congregated at the east end of the anchorage by the shallow, beach area which didn't disturb us at all. I imagine they will be gone by nightfall.

Not a sunset but nice
I finished an article on weather apps for the iPad to be published in Waterway Guide that came out of Friday's adventure when we had the high winds at the end of the trip that no one predicted except one app. For Sunday, all the apps are in agreement that it will be a calm ride so there's no test situation there. We'll leave around 8:00 or so and take on fuel and water for the trip north. Hopefully, we will find an empty mooring at Las Olas.

At night, the Miami skyline is stunning