Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Suntex at Lantana - More high winds and Ann succumbs

When I first came to Florida many, many years ago, I thought these trees were artificial.
They looked like they were made of cement.
On a boat, we share everything.Try as we might, there's no getting around that you are always within a few feet of each other. Eventually, that took its toll and Ann now has the same malady as I had, a chest cold but she has a slight fever. We once again took advantage of Care On Demand for a doctor visit over the iPad with a board certified physician from Baptist Health of South Florida. She was prescribed an antibiotic to ensure against bronchitis.

Companies come and go, Loggerhead is no more, they were taken over by Suntex;
I picked up the prescription at a local Walgreens and she took the first of the medication a few minutes ago. Meanwhile, friends we had hoped to meet in Vero are already there. It seems that Vero is packed. They have a new policy that allows for boats with a long-term lease to opt out of the rafting policy that has been a part of Vero for so long. In fact, the rafting has been further restricted to only two boats when in the past, three were allowed. Both of these changes cut down on the number of available spots for boats. This is not good news for us, we'll just have to wait and see what the situation is.

We rented a car for the day and provisioned. We might as well take advantage of the being idle and get ready for the continuation of our trip north. We'll also rent a car for the weekend at the $12.99/day rate to see what sights there are to see. It still looks like Tuesday morning is the first day of a window to get through the Southern Blvd Bridge.