Saturday, March 25, 2017

Marathon - Dinner at Key Fisheries

Keys Fisheries in Marathon, a local favorite
The winds continue to abate and the weather remains warm with highs around 80. The Tuesday/Wednesday days still look best for going east to Miami so we're abiding our time here. For the first time today we saw an empty mooring go unclaimed. People are finally leaving, some to the Bahamas according to those we talk to.

Actually, not a bad view of the sunset from here
In the meantime, we took the opportunity to have a night out at Key Fisheries, a local favorite with a big menu of fish dishes. Ann had the grouper sandwich and had the tuna version. I think the grouper as a sandwich was the better choice of the two. Actually the best part of the meal was the appetizer, excellent conch fritters. The serving was plenty for two people and the price was very reasonable for the keys. Take a look at the menu

Can't beat the view off the back of  Fleetwing
With the clouds parting more each day, the sunsets are starting to equal what we expect of the keys. They still have a ways to go yet but still not bad.