Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Key West - Gallery Shots

$36,000 by Peter Vey
Tfhe winds continued to lessen throughout the day and it's just about normal now. The spring breakers continue pouring into town. Duval Street was packed tonight, hardly room to walk. The drinking age in Florida is 21 but that doesn't seem to stop the younger crowd. It is common to see college age kids walking along with beer in hand.

I think this one goes for $20,000, it may be higher
We have a huge powerboat docked in front of us with the aft deck aligned with our bow. We're hoping it will be quiet at night but you can never tell with the college crowd. In walking Hoolie tonight I went by the art gallery we visited a couple of days ago, In the window was a painting by Peter Vey (photo above) of palm trees that's priced at $36,000. As I mentioned in a previous post, he does not use brushes, only a thin pallet knife. I understand that he uses only one size for everything. I guess it saves on brushes.

Hopefully the spring breakers will be gone by week's end and the crowds will thin out. Last year that was the case and we're hoping for a repeat.