Thursday, March 30, 2017

Marine Stadium - Iguana hunting

Miami from the Marine Stadium anchorage
Marine Stadium is the home to a lot of wildlife. Iguanas are one of the most obvious residents. They like to sun themselves in the trees lining the anchorage, especially on the north side. When we take a tour of the perimeter we will typically see 1/2 dozen iguanas but today we only saw one. We do much better when we have young eyes aboard (like Sarah). She's great at spotting things we would never see.

Lots of advice being given here
The anchorage seems to have more derelict boats this time around. Such boats are noted for no sails and a weathered side with lots of stuff on the bottom. We guess that some are used as cheap housing at night and some have just been abandoned. It's cheaper to abandon a boat than pay for scrapping it. Still, I like the anchorage since there is so much room and protection from the prevailing easterlies.
Can you see the iguana?
There's a dry storage marine on the southern shore by the entrance where you can pick up ice which I did today. We also had the evening entertainment form the boat clubs with crews out in 1 man, 4 man and 8 man sculls. We also saw a many person dragon boat where everyone had one paddle which they used like crazy.

He was right in the center of the picture, see his tail.
We'll be here one more day and now we plan on leaving Saturday for Ft Lauderdale since the weather is predicted to be perfect for going north.