Sunday, March 19, 2017

Key West - Mallory Square Performers

Have an absolutely fresh coconut!
Not just anyone can walk into Mallory Square and start a performance. There's a union of sorts to govern that the act you put on is worthy of Key West. Each performer has an area to his or her own and usually but not always sets up a perimeter with a rope laid on the ground. They all have a bucket out for donations which is all they get for their performance and the best ones are very good at interacting with the audience.

This guy has been here forever, have your fortune told?
So tonight I went over to Mallory Square to see the latest acts and take a few photos. The usual jugglers were there with their act on unicycles but there were a few new ones too. You can always find the fortune tellers and one has been there every year we've gone to Key West, the Tarot Card reader. We've never had our fortune read, after all, who wants to know their future?

Most of the acts occur right after sunset, this guy is practicing
So listened for awhile to some of the music and then walked home before the sunset. It amazes me the people that come in a car at 15 minutes before the sunset and expect to find a parking space, never happens!

He's just playing the drums, I donated a dollar.
The morning ritual continues to be the weather forecast with a look to the latest grib download. It's still not looking good for Sunday but everything can change by then so we're still hopeful.