Monday, March 6, 2017

Key West - The spring breakers arrive and we dine out

Just a road side stand at bien (the #1 rated restaurant in Key West per TripAdvisor out of 441)
The winds have finally subsided, it's only 12 kts now in the harbor although it still reaching 28 kts out at Sand Key, 5 miles south on the reef. To celebrate we dined at Lucy's  which is a new restaurant that opened since last year. It's advertised as being owned by retired surfers. There used to be a very popular Irish bar there but when it closed it was followed by another restaurant, Backspace, that lasted less than a year. Hopefully, Lucy's will last longer. The advantage for us is the short walk from the boat. 

A second view of a wall of flowers
The spring breakers have arrived in full force. The pool at Dante's was so full no one could move. It is THE place in Key West for the spring breakers. The music is, as your would expect, very loud but they knock off at 5:00 and it's quiet now. Needless to say, I don't recognize any of the music which is exactly the point of any music for kids the world over and from generation to generation. If the parents liked it, the kids would be mortified.