Thursday, March 2, 2017

Key West - Piling work

Time for dock repairs! Even a little nudge would destroy a dock, stand off!
Do pilings ever need replacement? Are new ones ever needed for new docks or a rearrangement of old docks? In Key West Bight, there are four marinas and multiple, dedicated docks for tourist boat such as the schooners and catamarans.Things wear out and new businesses come in, changes are needed. The solution in Key West is a dedicated barge with a crane perched on it with two tenders. The barge is very carefully maneuvered into position and repair work is done.

Meanwhile, America 2.0 was docked over by us. 
We watched one sequence today by Schooner Wharf where America 2.0 was docked. For the duration of the repair, America 2.0 was docked right in front of us. It's a modern schooner launched in Albany, New York.  and modeled after the first America's Cup winner, America. Note the very sharp bow entry, sharper than Fleetwing's. 

We still had time to view the flowers, this one a flowering tree nearby
In the evening we took a walk over to BO's Fishwagon to listen to their Thursday band which played country rock, nice to listen to. It was a long day for Hoolie so he's now stretched out on "his" sofa which he sorely missed with all the company aboard. Now he has it all to himself. . 
Another view of the tree, the flowers were just at the top branches