Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rodriguez Key - at anchor

We got an early start so I saw the sunrise for a change at Marathon
We left Marathon around 7:45 and made Rodriguez Key by 3:00 pm. We noticed that we've lost some speed off our usual 7.3 kts, down to 6.8 kts coming out of Marathon. We had our bottom scrubbed at Key West and we made our usual 7.3 kts from Key West to Marathon but not today. There was nothing obvious on the rudder or prop so I can only guess that we must have had some rapid marine growth at a mooring in Marathon. I'll have the bottom looked at again in Titusville.

Rodriguez Key has a free, public boat ramp for use by cruisers and others
The wind is predicted to be less than 10 kts all night long so even though the wind is blowing right into the anchorage, at 10 kts it's not a problem. There is very little current so the wind does the pointing, no waves hitting you on the beam which would cause rocking from side to side. There are about a dozen boats here with us but the anchorage is so big that the nearest one is over a mile away. That's what I like the best about this anchorage, lots of room!

And, of course, our evening sunset!
With the same forecast for Wednesday as for Tuesday, we're headed for Marine Stadium in Miami for a few days. It's one of our favorite anchorages with a great view of Miami at night and entertainment during the day from the Miami boat club with Olympic style sailing practice. There's also shore access on the norther shore for our morning walk and lots of marine life around.