Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marine Stadium - at anchor

Our sunrise over the Gulf Stream
I took Hoolie into shore before sunrise in order to get a good start and saw a great sunrise on the way  back. The Gulf Stream is just off shore along the Keys and it seems to encourage clouds that hang over the warmer waters of the stream. It makes for great sunrises.

Taking Hoolie ashore is easy with the sandy beach
Marine Stadium anchorage area
We had a repeat of yesterday's good weather for traveling and made the Marine Stadium anchorage by 3:00 pm. This is one of our favorite anchorages. There is plenty of room for lots of boats, a welcomed relief from Marathon. It has a great view of the Miami skyline at night and it's protected from all directions, especially if you get all the way in. The depths are from 8 to 10 ft and the holding is good.

A fun area to walk around
I read that Florida passed a local anchoring ordnance covering Miami and anchoring is okay in Marine Stadium but there's a seven day limit. Of course you can't anchor at all during the annual Miami boat show. There's shore access on the northern side with a walkway for running and exploring the area with Hoolie. We passed by NoName Harbor on the way and it looked like a reply of Marathon as far as boats being too close together. We'll stick with Marine Stadium.


Unknown said...

Hi Bob423, thanks for the ACOE links. I am on my way north and the waypoints have really helped on some trouble spots. Watch out for the turn at Snead's Ferry, the floating buoys and charts can take you into serious trouble around the turn. Check out the ACOE and follow their waypoints. They take you into the channel of a connecting body of water rather than directly around the turn. I came through at low tide and easily could have run aground.

What I really wanted to ask you about, I thought I read that you had replaced your Garmin microphone wire set. The protective covering on mine is disintegrating and I want to replace it. I contacted Garmin and they said it wasn't replaceable, and mentioned a whole new fist mike assy. which I suppose could be wired into the head. They also said they have non in stock. I this what you did, and where did you get the assy?

Thanks for any heads up on this.
BTW. Lockwoods Folly and Shallottes inlet are good to go. Straight shot through both, and markers have been moved to indicate such. 15ft. all the way through.

Smooth sailing,
Steve Winand

Bob423 said...


Thanks a bunch for the info on the inlets!! I have a remote VHF by Standard, not Garmin. They sell the remote separately as well as the connection wiring cable.,