Saturday, March 11, 2017

Key West - Plein Air paint out and art gallery

Bien is a converted gas station - nothing fancy but yet they have a four start rating from TripAdvisor
There were two art events today in Key West. The first one was a plein air ;paint out by members of the Key West Art Gallery which only accepts members who are permanent residents of Key West. I believe the "permanent" part is underlined in their brochure. Ann thought that was a little rude but we went anyway to see the paintings. The watercolors were good but the rest of the paintings were uninspired. You're not allowed to take photos so I have nothing to show for the visit. 

Want a banana?
The second stop was at the Gallery on Greene where we visited a couple of days ago. We were welcomed with open arms and Ann talked with the exhibit artist for several minutes, which she greatly enjoys, talking shop I suppose. The artist was Mike Rooney and he has a very pleasing style. I think Ann shared stories for about 20 minutes. Another artist we enjoyed was Priscilla Coote but we have no room on Fleetwing for additional paintings!  Ann just likes seeing the paintings and talking to the artists. 

Ann and Mike Rooney, the painter at Gallery on Greene
After the art exhibits we bought sandwiches at Bien, the top rated restaurant in Key West according to reviews in TripAdvisor. I have to admit that I cannot disagree with the rating. The sandwiches were great and big enough for two meals. We'll have the rest tomorrow night.