Saturday, March 18, 2017

Key West - Flowers of Key West and a Mallory Square sunset

Orchids are a popular flower all over Key West
Our time is starting to grow short in Key West. Our two month stay ends March 26 so we felt we had to revisit The Garden Hotel to listen to piano music and use up our wine card. Our favorite player, Jimmy Olsen, was is no long on every night but we went anyway. As it turned out, we met Jimmy on the way in and he'll be playing Tuesday night so we will be sure to come back then. Meanwhile, we had a pleasant walk to the hotel and strolled along some streets with lots of flowers

Another example along the way
Key West is tropical with never a frost so the plants are unique to the US in variety. Many of the hotels and rentals make a special effort to have attractive plantings and with the tropical climate, the flowers bloom most of the year. The viewing is as simple as just walking along the streets of Key West. It's one of our favorite things to do while here.

Over to Mallory Square for the sunset
Meanwhile we are looking at the weather report daily now, starting to get a grasp on how the winds are blowing and what's ahead for our departure date on Sunday, March 26. It's been cool down here with strong winds that usually blow out of the east, not a good direction for our return trip. The most we can hope for is winds less than 10 kts but still out of the east. A west wind would be wonderful but that's hoping for too much I think. We'll wait and watch.