Thursday, March 16, 2017

Key West - Fish catch and BO's Fishwagon music

A day's catch on Too Lethal
No, I did not go out fishing, that's not my thing  but I was walking by one boat and the captain had today's catch displayed on the boardwalk so I thought I would take a photo. The boat, Too Lethal,  is not a big one but he still caught some good cooking. I may not be a fan of fishing but I sure like to eat the results and Too Lethal seems to get good results. He's located  between A & B Lobster House and the Conch Republic Seafood Company at his own dock. He charges $650 for 1/2 day or $950 for a full day.

Not a large boat but evidently the captain knows what he's doing in catching fish!
The high today was only 70 and with winds still near 20 kts, it was chilly for Key West. Thankfully, we're due for a warming trend over the next few days, it's March after all. This time last year we were running the A/C everyday!

At BO's Fishwagon, a good band to just listen to and enjoy
After dinner we took a 5 minute walk to listen to a band at BO's Fishwagon. They were playing country music with a four person band and they were quite good. That's one thing about Key West, you can always find music that you like, you just stroll around until you like the sounds you hear. Friday is St Patrick's Day and everyone has a special on. We'll visit many places to see what's best  but we'll finish up at Schooner Wharf to listen once again to Skraeling, the Irish Band we featured in a previous blog with the video of the lead musician playing the fiddle. I could listen to him all night.