Monday, February 1, 2016

Key West - Boat Preparations

Sarah will remember the feeding of the pelicans everyday at 4:00 pm, they are gathering
Carrie and family arrives Tuesday afternoon so we spent the day getting the boat ready. Ann cleaned down in the cabin while I took on water, ice, TV hook up and did the pump out. The marina does not provide TV gratis, you have to arrange a hook up yourself with Xfinity, the local cable provider. It's about 1/2 the price I pay for the same service at home in New York. There are no over the air stations in Key West, at least none of the major networks, so if you want TV, cable is the only option.

It rained all through the night but when morning dawned, the sky cleared and full sun came out. It was a much better day than predicted for a change. We even had to turn on the A/C to make the cabin comfortable for the TV serviceman and for cleaning. It's nice to be warm in February!

As usual, the chickens are everywhere in Key West - they are protected
The last chore is to remove everything form the aft cabin so it can resemble a bed, which is hasn't since Titusville. It's so easy to just toss things aftward when there's something to put away. Now the reckoning comes.

The marina is definitely more crowded than last year. Only a few slips are empty when in past years it's been 1/2 empty, at least on E dock. But there's room for us and that's all that matters. Family comes on Tuesday!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Bob,

Wondering if you have seen SV Panope's YouTube channel on anchors - - may have to copy/paste the url. Would like to hear your take on this ... when the time allows.


Fred Brillo said...


Good to see you all made it to Key West.... just so you know...the weather lady on TV just said that this was the wettest January in South Florida since you shouldnt feel too bad... El Nino is in full force.

Bob423 said...

Eddie, see:

Along the ICW, any of the modern anchors are fine such as the Spade. Manson and Rocna, they all "cup the bottom" as opposed to plowing.