Sunday, January 31, 2016

Key West - Barry Cuda is still here

Barry Cuda holding forth at Sloppy Joe's - does he look thinner to you?
Time to get ready for our kids coming down. Caroline is due Tuesday and Philip and his family is due a week later. So today was laundry day and on Monday we've got to clean out the aft cabin, the Aegean Stables come to mind. Everything will be shoved into the starboard locker which will be relieved of its burden once everyone leaves.

The Bull is still here
I took a walk down duval street this afternoon and discovered that Barry Cuda is still playing in Key West. We first heard him on our first trip to Key West six years ago, he's still going strong. The Wayland gallery at the top of Duval Street is no longer. It's been transformed into a rock guitar gallery of all things. Otherwise, Duval Street looks like its past self. We were talking to Dennis today, he runs a boat that takes tourists out for an afternoon sail. He related that this has been the worst January in memory. He's been nine days without any business and many of the other charterers are in the same state. Everyone is hoping for a better February!

So Monday is get ready for Caroline day and the weather looks more like normal Key West weather while they are here, a great sigh of relief.