Friday, February 26, 2016

Key West - Air Conditioning heat mode fixed and Barry Cuda

This bloom was on a ginger plant
Most of the day was spent installing a $6.50 switch that activated the reversing coil for the heat mode of the A/C. It was that or buy a new control board for $600 or so. The board is fine except for the one component that controls the reversing coil. Naturally, no repairman wants to replace the bad component (raw cost of about $5), everyone wants to just replace the board. It's actually not a bad choice given the $100/hour technician charge. However, my labor charges are considerably cheaper so I did a work-around.

Another bloom on a ginger plant - I haven't seen these anywhere else
That done, we took our usual walk to see the flowers that are starting to really come out now, one of the great things about Key West. Bill Washburn and Bill Spencer dropped by to say goodbye. They are returning home Saturday morning to the cold northeast after their two weeks in Key West.

Barry is playing to a sellout crowd at BO's Fishwagon - every Friday night
It's a Friday night so we walked the one block to BO's Fishwagon to listen to Barry Cuda. At BO's he always seems to have friends that come with him and play. Tonight he had drums and two on horns along with his own piano. They all play without music and it all sounds good, people were dancing in the aisles, a real fun time.On Saturday we'll attend the Arts Festival, a tradition in Key West the end of February. Many vendors set up to sell their wares and it's always interesting.