Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Key West - A museum and a train ride

What boys wouldn't want to pump out the dink - and play in the water!
Finn gives his version of today's events:
Today was really awesome. I woke up real early because of Hoolie sitting on my stomach. Usually he would curl up beside me, but this morning he decided that that was the end of me curling up on his bed. Dad was up, and said he was going to the Cuban Coffee Queen. He said I could go with him. It was really fun going with him. They had some Cuban bread that was really good. We also got to stay on the boat  - really cool. Me and Nana went walking. We stayed healthy. We saw this really big Pelican that was posing for a picture. After that me and Dad decided we should go to the Mel Fisher museum, but the GPS took us to this whole different museum. We ended up going to the Shipwreck Museum. The tour guide had us imagine this was the 1800s and Key West was one of the richest places in the world. Inside there was a guy doing an auction for really expensive stuff that used to crash at the reef. His team would salvage the stuff and sell it. He took us upstairs and showed up all his stuff. Then we roamed around the museum. Me and Dad went up to the top of the tower and there were conch horns there. It was really fun. There was a big lookout telescope. We tried to spot the Coast Guard. After that we rang a really loud bell. We left there and went to Mallory Square and watched a cruise ship leave the dock. Man, the anchor ropes were enormous! We went back home. On the way, we snuck up on Rowan and Momma and scared them! Once we got back to the boat we had jambalaya. 

Two girls hamming it up with a fish catch off a boat
The weather continues to be excellent with highs in the 70's and lows in the 60's, just right. Carrie and Rowan went for a train ride on the tour train and Mike and Finn visited the Shipwreck Museum and climbed to the very top. It's important to keep a lot of activities in order for young boys. Ann took both out this morning on her morning walk, about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of room to anchor across the bay
Later that morning we had to provision for the gang and scooted over to Publix for the essentials and got reintroduced to Key West prices ($4.50/lb for boneless chicken breasts). However, much less expensive then eating in the restaurants. We have to see the Eco Museum (free), the Aquarium (not free), take a boat sail and spend a day at the beach, so many things to do in so little time.