Saturday, February 20, 2016

Key West - First of three art weekends

 At The Lazy Dog - a typical band on Duval Street
Today was art day. We traditionally take a walk down Duval Street and go in all the art studios. Today there was a demonstration of oil paintings of wine bottles of all things. The artist was technically very good, just about perfection in capturing the transparency of the wine glasses, very hard to do. It's just that the subject matter did not especially excite me. Ann carried on a conversation with him and we saw more of his work in the back of the store. There is no denying his technical skills, just outstanding but he only paints wine bottles in various stages of being emptied along with the glasses.

Anybody for octopus?
We continued our stroll and went through a half dozen art studios, Key West is full of art galleries. The artists are both local (not so good) and nationally known artists (very good). Peter Max was represented last week and Wayland is always around his gallery on Duval.

Not for us but some go
Hoolie and I repeated our usual stroll of Duval Street at night. Every bar had someone playing a guitar and singing. As you walk along the street, the sound from one bar fades away into the sound from the next bar, it's never without music.

And the Paul Cotton Band is holding forth at Schooner Wharf
Sunday is predicted to be a calmer day with full sun, perfect for a sail. We may or may not go depending upon company but the weather continues to moderate, about time.