Thursday, February 25, 2016

Key West - Returned the car, back to wind and cool weather

Hard to believe that  BO's Fishwagon is in there somewhere, kinda grew up around the wagon
Enterprise offers free pickup and will take you back to your place when returning a car. So I got a driver that had been to Cuba within the last six months. She spoke Spanish and stayed in the non-tourist section of Havana. What she noticed the most was that the Cubans were very rude. There's apparently no police either. She said that it was common for fights to breakout and if someone slugged another, nothing was done about it. It was tough on some Cubans coming to the US. If they slugged someone, they got arrested and went to jail, not so in Cuba. She was there for two weeks and although she said the beaches were beautiful, the people were not nice. I don't think I want to go anytime soon.

A prime example of Key West's protected roosters, they roam free in Key West 
I spoke too soon about the weather relenting. Now it's back to temperatures in the 60's and 10 to 20 kt winds, mostly in the 15 to 20 range. According to the forecast, we've got this weather for the next four days! On the positive side, we have full sun so the cockpit enclosure is nice and warm. Ann's has taken up painting again with her pastels in the cockpit, it's the roomiest area of the boat.

Meanwhile, I have boat projects to continue onward with, oh joy. However, it's a relaxed work effort. What doesn't get done today will perhaps get done tomorrow?