Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Key West - Carrie and family arrives!

The gang from up north arrives
Finn writes his blog:
We made this journey all the way to Key West to see my grandparents. It was a long journey, we had to start on Monday night just to get to a hotel. It was really hard sleeping there. I think I had my eyes open for an hour. So then we had to get up at really early in the morning just to get to the airport. It really annoyed me to do this! So I'm not feeling energized today.We land in Miami and get to the rental car and it was a really short line. I was glad. When we were driving here, there were about a thousand keys to drive through. We stopped at Hobo's Cafe for lunch which had this awesome mac n cheese (really good). After that, we finally reached Key West and remembered the right roads just in time to find the marina. We get to see my grandparents! 

The "original" Sloppy Joe's is still going strong
Carrie and Mike arrived around 4:00 after a very long day. They had a non-stop flight from Baltimore but to ensure they didn't miss it due to traffic of bad weather, they took a motel room the night before for the 7:30 am departure time. I heard that there was great sigh of relief when they stepped out of the plane in Miami! Hah, warm, moist air! It was in the 70's with full sun today in the Keys, including Miami.

Now everybody is packed in and ready for a week's stay, discussing plans on what to see and do. For sure we'll sail one day and probably see the aquarium. There's a NOAA science day on Saturday with lots of events for the kids and there's always the Ecology Center - then there's the beach, etc. I think they'll find enough to do.