Sunday, February 21, 2016

Key West - Artisan Market and nearby Key West establishments

The Artisan Market
Today was Sunday morning donuts, in this case pastries from one of the oldest bakeries in Key West, Old Town Bakery. The pastries go for $2.60 each so you don't get many, in our case just two. It's a once a week splurge for us.

We liked the farmer's market section
Once a month they hold the Artisan Market in the area just east of Strunk Hardware. It seems to grow every year. The main attraction for us is the opportunity to obtain fresh vegetables although there's lots of other wares to attract your attention. So we descended upon the shops and stocked up on veggies.

Nothing like a good pastry shop on a Sunday morning
In the afternoon we went for a sail with Bill Washburn and Bill Spencer from the Poughkeepsie YC. They are down in Key West for two weeks so we took advantage of their presence for an outing. We stayed to the Western Way, a protected passage within the reefs and situated such that the sail was a broad reach. The wind piped up on the way back and we found that the forward hatch over the head was open. Unfortunately, the jib sheet caught on the open hatch lever and pulled it apart! The hatch stayed attached but the handle parted company. I see it as a "stupid tax" which the boat occasionally levies if you don't do things exactly right (we should have closed and secured all hatches before leaving the dock!) Oh well, now we have to replace the lid, it's always something.