Friday, February 12, 2016

Key West - We sail amongst the schooners

The Appledore out of Key West
The weather continues to moderate, more like the Key West of old. It's still cool, only a high of 70 today but with the full sun, it was warm. With the winds being in the teens, we went sailing and the entire fleet of schooners were out too.

The Jolly Rover
We didn't go out to the reefs but rather stayed in the western passage which is more protected and angled just right for a broad reach up and back. Monique and Philip got the requisite Cuban sandwiches from Cuban Coffee Queen, the best Cuban sandwiches in Key West.

America 2.0 - a new ship
Suitably supplied, we headed out to anchor before sailing and almost ran across a trailing line from a discarded (or lost) anchor. Missing that adventure, we then set sail and found us surrounded by schooners also taking advantage of the excellent weather.

We chased one in particular and was gaining when she turned to return home. Going downwind now we couldn't catch her. She had a huge sail out which just scooped up the wind. Then it was a time for a visit to BO's Fishwagon for appetizers taken back to the boat, a beautiful evening.