Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Key West - A sad day

There is now a brewery at the end of E dock, it was all construction last year
Our last visitors left today for Connecticut, Philip and his family including Sarah. They had a great time but it was time to leave, Sarah was very sad. She's been fighting a bout of pneumonia and she still either has a touch of it left or is suffering from the after effects. She will return home to fully recover.

Birds everywhere
Philip had a parking pass for the multi story garage but found that it was full on two occasions! It's three stories tall but every parking space was taken. He transferred to the parking lot behind the marina and found a place but it was full after that. There seems to be many more visitors this time in Key West than in the past. I can't remember ever seeing the parking lot by BO's Fishwagon full. Either Key West is becoming more popular or more people have retired and making the same trip we've done. Perhaps I've had an influence with my 2015 ICW Cruising Guide? When Philip left this morning, he had a car lined up patiently waiting for his spot. Generally it gets more crowded at spring break time, the first two weeks of March, we'll see.

Nice to start seeing sunsets again, this is our view from Fleetwing
We'll spend the next few days getting the boat rearranged for two people instead of six. The aft cabin will become more of a storage area to clear out the starboard locker. Meanwhile, the weather seems to continue its moderation, more like the Key West we remember, hope it stays that way.