Friday, February 19, 2016

Key West - Friday is Barry Cuda night at BO's Fishwagon

Barry Cuda holding forth at BO's Fishwagon, note the elderly audience
We had meant to see Barry sooner but Fridays were always busy. He plays all over town but on Friday nights he has been a tradition at BO's Fishwagon for as long we we've been coming to Key West, the last six years. He plays the piano and sings but he plays nothing later than 1978. He wheels his piano down the streets of Key West from venue to venue. He doesn't like to play a keyboard, he prefers a real piano, unadorned with amps.

Tonight he had a drummer and bass violin with him
So tonight we dropped by BO's to listen. He's played all over the world including in the iron curtain countries before the wall came down. His music is easy to listen to but he also provides an active dialog on the background of the music he plays. Tonight he was in a Ray Charles mode which we greatly enjoyed.

The wind has piped up once again into the 15 to 20 range, not comfortable for day sailing but Sunday looks better. If the weather forecast holds, we'll go out for a sail if the McKeevers are available. This time I'll try to remember to detach the dinghy, last time I forgot and ripped the line off ("what was that noise?")