Sunday, February 7, 2016

Key West - 40 kt winds

Many shell stores in town
The night was pretty calm but around 7 am the wind suddenly came roaring back. The boat rocked and rolled with the passing of the front. When I checked up on top, the aerometer had recorded a peak gust of 40 kts! We were protected in the harbor, all tied up to pilings and the dock but still, 40 kts will wake you up in the morning. The winds did not let up all day long, it's dropped to 13 kts now at 8 pm.

Any color you want
Monday looks like the only day this week that the winds drop below 20 kts. If prediction meets reality then we'll go out for a sail. One problem with docking in high winds is unattaching from land. We have two lines per side to the mid cleats along with two forward and two aft lines. Add to that the cable TV connection, the electrical plug in, the water hose, the on/off platform, putting the anchor back in place, retrieving the overboard zinc and the lines to the dinghy. Eventually we'll get off.

Nighttime illumination - the palm trees are alit
Monday is the last day for Caroline and family. They leave Tuesday morning and the second shift comes, Philip and family. It's great fun having your grandkids down to Key West in the wintertime.