Monday, February 22, 2016

Key West - Hatch repair

Bien is currently the number one rated restaurant in Key West per Trip Advisor, we'll try it soon.
On our sail yesterday I paid a "stupid tax" when I left the forward head hatch open. The jib line caught on the handle when we tacked and ripped the handle off and bent the hatch frame. So today was spent in trying to find ways to fix the problem. The boat was built in 2004 so we're already dealing with equipment that's been replaced with newer models and yet we want to maintain the same look on replacement equipment.

So it was off to Beneteau's spare parts site and I found a price of $205 to replace the entire hatch, actually a very good price compared with other sites. Unfortunately, the hatch was out of stock so now it's on backorder. All I wanted to do was to replace the top glass but the price for that was 80% of the price for an entirely new hatch complete with top and bottom sections and hinges with latch.

Full moon rising - like a summer's evening
That consumed almost the entire day, such is having a boat. On Tuesday I get to work on the air conditioning. It cools fine for which I should be thankful since we're in Key West but the heat mode no longer works. To gain access to the electronics I have to pull the entire A/C unit out of its locker, not looking forward to that. Then it's on to diagnostics and hopefully a fix, perhaps a loose wire? Isn't boating exciting...