Sunday, February 28, 2016

Key West - Jazz at The Gardens Hotel

The setting at The Garden Hotel for jazz night every Sunday at 5:00
Every Sunday night from 5:00 to 8:00 there is a jazz group that plays at The Garden Hotel. It's not advertised very much but there was a crowd there anyway. An interesting part of the evening is the automated wine bar. They have about 30 wines in rows in a machine that accepts an electronic chip card previously used to deposit credit. For each wine you have a choice of a sip, a taste or a glass of wine. So you put your card in, push one of the selections along with one of the three choices for the amount and watch the wine dispense into your glass. Each wine stays fresh since it sealed from the outside air. Ann sampled the white wines and I sampled the reds. You can even have a private, serenaded dinner for only $350/couple! That's out of our league.

The McKeevers from the Poughkeepsie YC - great company
We did enjoy the jazz. There's no cover charge but we enjoyed sampling the couple dozen wines available through the automated dispensing machine. The setting is surrounded by gardens, you don't even know you're in Key West. It could be some Caribbean Island. We met the McKeevers there, they had saved a table for us. They are leaving Wednesday for points north, too soon for us.

You don't see a Red 0 every day
On the way back we stopped for dinner at BO's Fishwagon. It was not crowded since there was no band playing tonight. We had the usual fish dinner with conch fritters. The weather continues to warm up over the next week and maybe, just maybe it will stay that way and be normal for this time of the year, one can hope.