Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wahoo Creek - at anchor

We started the day with a sunrise at Savannah
The wind was pushing us against the dock this morning so we used the maneuver we learned at Fernandina, powering forward with a fender at the bow and the forward cleat tied off to the dock. That causes the aft to swing out and when 30 degrees or so is reached relative to the dock, Ann put it in reverse and backed out the rest of the way, easy - who needs bow thrusters?

The island at Wahoo creek, Hoolie loves the beach
I knew we needed water so I filled the forward tank since we would not be at a dock for the next week. So pulled away from the dock with a full water tank and without a care in the world for fuel. So about 1/2 way to Wahoo Creek I happened to look at the fuel gauge - oops! We were down 35 gallons out of a 50 gallon tank. Looking at the chart, there were no marinas for the next two days ahead of us. Searching around, we found a grand total of two marinas within an hour of our position. Having no choice, we headed for the nearest one and lost a little over two hours of travel time but we now have a full fuel tank. A lesson learned (but probably soon forgotten!), check that fuel gauge before leaving a marina, especially in the boonies of Georgia marshlands.

One other boat and a sunset with wine
We are now as far from civilization as you can get in Georgia, anchored out at Wahoo Creek. There is nothing around and the sky is full of stars. The winds are calm and we'll swing with the tide change. On Thursday we're headed for Jekyll and another anchorage. The approach is very shallow (again!) so we'll see how we do.