Monday, October 13, 2014

Barefoot Landing Marina - at a dock

Scenery along the way south - we're starting to get into the grasslands
Low tide was at 7:15 am Monday morning but the current was still rushing out until 8:30 am. So as we left the marina at first light, around 7:00 am, to catch the outgoing tide we still experienced a rising tide on the way out. It seems strange that water can  be rushing out of the inlet (2 kts down  river!) and still have the depth of the water (tide) increasing?! When we came into the marina yesterday, it was against a 2 kt current coming up the river and yet the tide was falling as we entered the marina. The tides and currents have a complex relationship around here, not easy to understand.

Entering the Rock Pile!!
The trip down the Cape Fear river was as calm as any we've ever experienced. No wind and the current was with us. As we entered the ICW at the bottom of the river, we even had the current with us there too. So we sped on. We found that North Carolina, unlike South Carolina and Georgia, dredges the trouble spots on the ICW. There was no slowing down and feeling your way through Lockwood's Folly or Shallotte Inlet, they had been dredged in the spring of 2014! So with that we made good time and arrived at Barefoot Landing around 1:30 pm after surviving yet another trip through the Rock Pile.

Just a long face dock but it's interesting to wander along the shops and eat at Greg Norman's
The marina here is really not a marina. It's just one long face dock. There's no restrooms, no showers - just a dock and electricity. However, they do offer free trips to the nearest Walmart which we'll take advantage of on Wednesday. Whenever we're here, we always have one dinner at Greg Norman's Australian Grill. They have the best steaks on the ICW and we're dying for one.


Unknown said...

Hey Bob....I was wondering if Barefoot Landing is a great stop or just okay stop? I will be in that area tomorrow and was looking to stop there or should I continue to the Dunes?

Bob423 said...

John, the only attraction of the stop is the adjacent shops and restaurants. There's nothing to the marina, it's only a long dock. There's no laundromat, showers or restrooms. However, the dockmaster will take you to the nearest Walmart for provisions at no charge. So if you want to conveniently wander around the shops, it's convenient.