Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hidden Harbor YC near Brunswick, GA - at their dock

Pretty, but the first thing we look for are marks in the mud made by alligators
We had two sticky wickets to get through today. The first one was Mud River and the name fits the description perfectly. We saw depths as low as 3.1 feet at low tide, no good for us to pass through. We had planned ahead to arrive with a plus 5 tide and so we had enough to make it through. Comparing notes to last year, it's getting worse and at some point in time it won't even be passable at high tide! And still, nobody does anything...

Our second tough spot was getting through Jekyll Island and we just ran out of water there. Reading the reviews of boats that grounded out at low tide, we just elected to take a dock at Hidden Harbor and leave the next day (Friday) at high tide and hopefully have plenty of water, at least this year. Once we get to Florida (tomorrow at Fernandina) the ICW is once again taken care of, like North Carolina does. South Carolina and Georgia don't seem to care. BTW, there is always money, it's just a matter of what's important to the state in terms of priorities.

Just a small marina associated with a condo complex - good docks!
Since we couldn't make Jekyll Island, we're staying at Hidden Harbor.They are off the ICW up their own creek so we get no wakes from the ICW at all. It is dead calm here which is good but then the bugs come out at night so we're down in the cabin. In order to ensure we hit Jekyll at high tide, we'll leave here at 7:30 am, not our favorite time but necessary for Jekyll's thin water. We'll wind up at Fernandina on Friday and we'll probably stay over for Saturday too.