Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pamlico Plantation - last day

The complex has about 250 slips but only 50 or so are occupied - boating is down
You would not believe the meals we've had the last three days. What with the breakfasts of blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, scones with orange juice and coffee, we were full before we even started the day. The lunches included crabcake sandwiches, chicken sandwiches with melted cheese and a lentil soup with squash. And I will not forget the dinners of chicken breasts with cheese dressing, herb incrusted salmon and a grilled pork tenderloin. I haven't mentioned all the side dishes, each carefully prepared and excellent, not to mention the fine wines. I think I put on a few pounds.

We say goodbye to the plantation, a very well kept community
After three days of fine dining, bridge playing and catching up on friendship happenings, it's time to continue our journey. We are about three days behind last year's progress even with the unusually good weather. The hurricane season has been nonexistent - it has embarrassed all forecasters - the majority of which predicted an above average season. However, we are not complaining.

We will leave Wednesday morning and aim for RE Mayo for a $0.40/ft dock where we also hope to stock up on scallops, shrimp and fish, all caught locally. The docks there look decrepited but they are sturdy enough for the 70 ft shrimp boats, they just don't look so good.