Friday, October 10, 2014

Swan Point Marina - at a dock

Sunrise on Cedar Creek off Adams Creek in North Carolina
We had 52 Nm to traverse today so we got ourselves together and left the anchorage at 7:30 am. We enjoyed a  beautiful sunrise (we usually don't see sunrises...) and the anchor came up with lots of bottom mud, I do have a washdown pump but even so it still took a good 15 minutes to rid the chain of its love interest with the bottom.

He very carefully found his way into his dock, rather shallow for him
There is a shrimp boat dock further in the anchorage and for the first time we saw a shrimp boat come in. I guess they fish for shrimp at night? We saw another one further down on the way out. I'm all for local shrimp, they really taste good!

Swan Point Marina - Location is everything
We had some challenging shallow spots today but with the help of Active Captain and reviews of the spots only a couple of days old, we had no problem on how to tackle the tricky areas. By now they are all familiar to us from our four trips up and down the ICW.

You don't always have 65 feet at a "65 ft  bridge" on the ICW
We're staying at Swan Point Marina which has nothing special other than the ideal location halfway between Cedar Creek and Carolina Beach. It's run by a mother/daughter team trying to make a living out of an old marina, and not doing bad.

We'll leave early on Saturday for Carolina Beach and will have to brave two bridges that only open once per hour! They are a real pain but there's nothing to be done so we'll time it as best we can. The storms are supposed to hold off until 6:00 pm, way after we get it safely into a marina, if you can believe the forecasts...