Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Marineland Marina - at a dock

We're animed for a quick exit on Thursday
We had always wanted to stop at Marineland but never seemed to hit it right. Ft Matanza is only four miles north and that's one of our favorite anchorages so we always skipped Marineland. We had some extra time on the way south so we did make time today.  The attraction is a nearby nature preserve and the dolphin center on the beach. At one time they had a thriving business showing off dolphins performing in a stadium for the public. That business has gone by the wayside and now it's a marine research center. They still have dolphins but they don't perform for the public.

We are about 1000 ft from the Atlantic Ocean - nice cooling breezes
We just got in today so we haven't done any of these things yet, maybe on Wednesday. It was so hot we had to turn on the air conditioning which worked fine until is sucked in one of the huge jellyfish swimming around in the marina. What a mess! It jammed the A/C pump, just like a bowl of Jell-O would do. I had to take the intake apart and reverse flush for a about 1/2 hour before everything came free. The remains of the jellyfish flowed out like a very viscous fluid. After that we were hesitant to turn the A/C back on since we could see jellyfish still around the boat. Eventually they seemed to clear out and the A/C lowered the inside temps from 90 to 78.

This guy ended up in our A/C intake - a two hour job to clean out
We lucked into a farmers' market this morning and not only did they have fresh vegetables, one vendor had fresh seafood!  So we had tuna steaks, great! We were also loaned a car to visit the nearby Publix supermarket where we stocked up on ice cream and OJ. It's a nice life.

I think these rocks are added to help prevent beach erosion, a line to the sea every 300 to 500 yards 
We'll be here another day to explore Marineland and on Thursday we plan on moving on to the Rockhouse Creek anchorage for a day.