Saturday, October 18, 2014

Charleston Maritime Center - Harris Teeter and Downtown

One of the many horse drawn carriages along the streets of Charleston
The main attraction of the Charleston Maritime Center is that Harris Teeter is one block away and downtown is only one more block. So this morning it was a visit to Ann's favorite supermarket (Harris Teeter) and restocking for the trip to Florida. Next was a trip to downtown Charleston and a visit to the Charleston City Market, a must see when in the city. It's composed of several long, narrow buildings that house displays of wares from local people.Most are homemade and offer a large variety of things to wear, display or eat. It's interesting just to see the offerings from such a unique area as Charleston.

Oh, which one to buy?
One of the art forms that Charleston is famous for are the intricate, hand woven baskets of all sizes. Some impossibly small and others very ornate. You can find all kinds at the City Market. You'll see the artisans weaving the baskets in the market as you walk by their displays.

Some are quite intricate
We walked over to the Roseway after dinner. We first saw the schooner in Maine many years ago and it's been refitted and is now sails for the World Ocean School . What a great experience for high school students to spend weeks sailing the Atlantic. It's headed for St Croix, its southern home port.

Looks like a great time being had - they have courses to take and skills to learn along the way
The temperature today was 85 but Sunday's high is only projected to be 70! But then it will start to climb again the next few days, good to be headed south which we plan to do on Monday.