Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Savannah at the Thunderbolt Marina - at their dock

A typical scene along this part of the ICW - the tree occupy a slightly area
Normally we would go from B & B's Seafood to Beaufort but the day was so calm and warm that we traveled on to Savannah. We hit all the trouble spots with high enough tide so they were not a problem. Once again we realize that South Carolina and Georgia do not dredge. At some point you won't even be able to get through at high tide!

The pelicans appreciate the buoys
We are now in the grasses. As far as you can see it's a sea of grass punctuated by an occasional hammock, a place of slightly higher ground that trees take root in. They may only be 5 feet or so higher but it's enough for the trees to find solid ground. In the distance you can often see the masts of sailboats going in all directions as the ICW winds in all directions.

We are in the deep south, moss and palm trees
We'll just spend one day here and shove off Wednesday for the Wahoo River anchorage. All we have tomorrow is the Hell Gate passage but we will have 5 ft of tide so it shouldn't be a problem. It's only 4.5 feet deep at low tide.