Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Barefoot Landing Marina - Greg Norman's Australian Grill

The place has seen some renovations since the spring
Well, we needed to replenish our wine supply so it was off to the nearest Walmart. They are allowed to sell wine in South Carolina. The marina here was a service to take their customers to the nearest Walmart or anywhere else close by at no charge. We took advantage of that for keeping an amply supply of wine on board. However, along the way we found a liquor store and discovered that it also sold White Lightening (see photo). I had never seen it for sale before in a store.

White Lightening in a store?!
We met John and Chuck on the boat behind us today, a large powerboat. They are also on the way south and invited us aboard for drinks at 5:00 pm. It turns out that he's also Air Force (retired) and we had much to talk about. While having drinks, Fred Bergheim acosted me and it turns out that he had been following my blog for the last three years and when he knew I was in Barefoot Landing, he dropped by for a chat. Such meetings have happened with regularity over the last few years. There are about 30 to 50 people that follow my blog on a regular basis and at some point along the ICW we may meet. Of course, all are invited to drop by to say hello!

We always have dinner one night at Greg Norman's Australian Grill and we spoke so highly of it that John and Chuck decided to come along too. We just had a great time trading stories, one of the unique attractions of the ICW, the people you meet along the way.

We often meet people who read our blog and want to see us in person - they know about Ann and Hoolie too
Severe storms are forecast for Wednesday so we'll stay another day before starting south again on Thursday.