Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pamlico Plantation YC in Washington, NC - at a courtesy dock

A view of the condos on the side that faces the water. 
When I brought up the anchor this morning it was apparent that we just dragged the chain around all night. That happens a lot when you have 60 ft of 3/8 inch BBB chain, it's very heavy and with the many short links, it provides its own resistance with the bottom to aid the anchor. With that I had a lot of work to do with the washdown hose to free the chain of all the clinging mud. In contrast, the anchor itself came up fairly clean, the chain did all the work during the night.

It's getting cold down here. The temperature this morning was only 51 and it's predicted to dip to 47 tonight - time to head south!! However, we plan on staying with Don and Liz Bunch at the Pamlico Plantation for the next three days. They were kind enough to arrange for our stay at the YC courtesy dock. I have a package to mail and I need to refill one propane tank. They generally last 5 months or so, it's always good to have a spare full tank.

The docks come with the condos, a pretty location
Don is recovering from a fall he took while on a trip around the horn at the southern tip of South America on a cruise ship. He's now doing much better and is almost back to his old self. Liz served a great meat and we played bridge afterwards. It's always nice to meet and renew old friendships along the ICW.