Monday, October 6, 2014

Pamlico Plantation - a the courtesy dock

The pampas grass is planted all over the plantation
Even when traveling down the ICW which many consider to be a  vacation all the time, there are still duties to be done. The  boat list goes on and on, after all it's a traveling home and requires maintenance. So we had to refill a propane tank so we could continue enjoying hot meals. The load of laundry was gargantuan but we had access to Liz's washing machine.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying outstanding meals prepared by Liz and Don, a definite plus when visiting along the ICW. We have one more day here before leaving on Wednesday. We also discovered that the striper season is in full swing down here and the locals were fishing off all the piers.

This the first time we've seen moss in the trees on this trip (this far north)
Just for excitement, I discovered that the dinghy was banging up against the back of the boat when the wind changed to off the stern. So in the dark I had to bring the dinghy around to the front and then to an adjacent slip with wind and waves rolling, fun at night. All that was after trying four other things that didn't work, a learning experience. Unfortunately, you mostly learn about things that don't work by trying to get them to work and failing. To the extent that I can, I try to document the things that do work in the "Pages" section of this blog, maybe it will help a little bit.