Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jacksonville - last day at anchor

Great selection of vegetables!
One of the things you look out for while cruising the ICW is the availability of fresh vegetables. We have a big freezer for meat so that's never a problem but getting fresh vegetables is sometimes a challenge. Most of the marinas are great on things for the diesel and other boating supplies but not veggies. So when we heard of a farmer's market Saturday this morning we were sure to make the trek, about four blocks.

Sure enough there was a bunch of booths set up and Ann bought fresh tomatoes, Vidalia onions and a few other vegetables. So now we are well stocked again and won't need to resupply until Titusville.

A new moon in the sky
On Sunday we'll be in Jacksonville at Harbortown Marina and will have a visit with Lee Fry and his family. We'll probably go for a cruise on the ICW in the afternoon to give everyone a chance to see what we do 9 months of the year!