Thursday, October 16, 2014

Georgetown Landing Marina - at a dock

Typically scenery along the Waccamaw River - away from civilization
We had wanted to dock at downtown Georgetown but this was the weekend they were hosting their annual wooden boat show and everything was filled up. So we took a dock at a nearby marina out of town, the Georgetown Landing Marina. It's the same price but not as convenient to downtown.

Now this is real alligator country - you're in a kayak???
We are in the part of the ICW now where we seldom anchor unless it's right at an inlet. There are alligators aplenty in the area and we aren't keen on taking Hoolie ashore where he might become a snack for the local wildlife, especially after dark, his 7:00 pm run. So we usually take a marina through this section of the ICW. Even in the marina we're in now, there are signs all over the place to "Don't feed the alligators". You are warned that they are much faster than they appear (the alligator surprise.... - the last thing many of the local wildlife sees). So we take a dock and mark it up the good judgment, we think.

Don't miss the Shrimp Dock fish market when in Georgetown!
I borrowed one of the loaner bicycles for a trip to town to get fresh seafood. The Shrimp Dock had fresh grouper which was outstanding. They also had shrimp (of course) and local flounder. The grouper was just excellent!

On Friday comes a very difficult stretch of the ICW. We are in South Carolina and Georgia where they do not dredge (unlike North Carolina), claiming they do not have the money. As a result, the local towboat companies do a land office business. Some spots are down to 2 ft at low tide. So on Friday we are going to try making the 52 mile run through the shallowest spots to take advantage of the late afternoon high tides but we have to beat the Ben Sawyer bridge closing at 4:00 pm, a tough assignment. I don't know if we'll make it but we'll give it a try.