Saturday, March 29, 2014

Titusville - A storm comes through

Almost like an abstract painting - we're the blue dot, red square is the tornado warning, just missed us
We were due for a change of weather this afternoon but  before that we hit Walmart and the nearby stores with not much success. Titusville is not the center of shopping for Florida. Today was not the day for sightseeing due to the approaching front. We got back to the boat just in time to watch the front approach. There were tornado warnings posted on the weather channel with two tornadoes spotted. There were also two severe thunderstorm watches posted but one was north of us and the other was south. However, we got lots of wind and rain but we were secure at our dock being tied off to multiple pilings.

All is calm after the storm
Today was the first heavy rain we've had almost the entire trip. Sunday is predicted to be cooler (high of only 73) but dry. With that we'll visit Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, one of our favorite places along the coast. With our Golden Passport, there's no charge for entry. The area is noted for being on the southern border of many species and at the same time being on the northern border of other species - it's just where diverse species meet!

The Titusville Municipal Marina is about 0.3 miles out of town but right at the edge is a CVS store with a Redbox kiosk, so for the next few days we plan on catching up on movies we've missed. We'll see Gravity tonight.