Friday, March 7, 2014

Marathon - Waiting for weather

So far we're intending to leave Saturday morning but now we're not so sure. The weather is varying - or to be more accurate, the forecast keeps changing! We'll take one more look around 6:00 am and then decide what to do.

Winds of 15 to 20 all day long
Meanwhile, I took the car back this morning and met the same driver I had last year. You get to know people year after year. The clerk at the Marathon City Marina also knows me now and greets me by name, likewise for the Key West Bight Marina operator.

Fresh caught Mahi-Mahi - just great
One of the fun things about the keys are the fresh fish you can get. There's an excellent fish market nearby so I walked with Hoolie over to see what they had, they will even mail order the fish! The Mahi-Mahi was local so I settled on that with conch cevich for an appetizer which I bought already prepared. Ann practically never uses cookbooks anymore, the Internet has a universe of recipes readily available and in browsing through them, she can always find something delicious. Tonight it was Seared Mahi-Mahi with Basil Butter served with Balsamic rice and sugar snap peas. The fish was prepared as in the recipe but the rice was a package you can heat up in 90 seconds in the microwave. Likewise for the snap peas but they take 3 minutes in their own pouch as bought at Publix. The rice and snap peas are a great convenience when done in a microwave, they don't heat up the cabin and are quick - and they are also delicious. We have a 3.2 cubic foot freezer which is plenty big enough for us on a boat. We can store a couple week's worth of meat at a time. So we eat well while underway. At home Ann may spend more time cooking and somewhat more elaborately but I certainly enjoy the dinners in the cabin (just in case you couldn't tell...)

The seafood festival at Marathon is Saturday so if the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll explore the festival and sample even more local seafood, well I guess someone has to do it...