Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marathon - Dinner at Key Fisheries

The view from the clubhouse to the mooring field
It is flat calm on our mooring, great to be secure although I think a brick would hold us in this weather. With a mooring you get the use of the clubhouse and access to the dinghy dock, a must for us with Hoolie and our morning exercises. There's been no sign of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. There was a time in December when they were boarding boats at night and doing some type of paperwork check along with issuing tickets if your dinghy didn't have a mooring light - even if it was attached to your boat which did have a mooring light. They have since backed off after an uproar from the town and mooring field customers. However, we now have a mooring light on our dinghy which is nothing more than a "porch light" powered by the sun, the type you see in Home Depot for lighting walkways at home. It seems to suffice for a dinghy light. When we're underway in our dinghy, we have a red/green bow light and a regular LED white light for the aft (plus a fire extinguisher and horn!). All this is required for the Keys which are south of the coastal regs enforced by the Coast Guard and is governed by international rules. I think the FWC tends to be overly zealous at times too.

Key Fisheries - pretty basic, you wait in line and place your order - then you're called when it's ready
We went out for dinner at Key Fisheries, a great place which has been featured in the New York Times restaurant review. The fish, of course, is fresh and they know how to serve it just right! We both had the grouper sandwich and conch fritters, a great combination. It's another warm summer night here, 73 right now at 8:30 at night. We're going to linger here for awhile, no hurry to go north!
End of a nice day at Key Fisheries