Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Marine Stadium - Miami at night

As viewed from the back of our boat
One of the attractions of Marine Stadium is the view of Miami at night. We often sit on the back of our boat and just watch the lights come on as the sun sets, very pretty. The nights have been very warm so it's been conducive to watching the lights.

More of a closeup, it's a spectacular sight!
We found today that's there a paved road around the perimeter of the anchorage that ideal for a morning run so I tried it out today, great. We're been here many times but never realized the trail was there. There's currently a crane in place removing derelict boats, a great improvement!

The winds are due to increase to 20 to 25 kts due to a front coming down from the north. After the front passed, we plan on moving north, we feel secure here. Sunday still looks good for moving north.