Friday, March 14, 2014

Marine Stadium - Nice place to run in the morning

What an inviting trail!
Marine Stadium anchorage is located on Virginia Key and the surrounding area is part of the Virginia Key Park. The city maintains running and hiking trails and a beach area on the other side of the key. For us, the best part is the paved running trail right along the anchorage, it's great for a morning run.

Grass by the side of the road
This time I took a camera along so I could show Ann how beautiful it was. The trail has a canopy of overhanging trees and tall grasses along both sides. In the morning light it's beautiful and also deserted. I found a place to access the road by lane 4 (the lanes for shell racing are marked).

The sun lit them up like fireworks
Tonight we had Michael Taylor over for dinner. We met him last year in Marine Stadium and he anchored yesterday. He's from England and served in WWII and during the jewish migration to Israel shortly after the war. He is single-handing his boat (for the last several years) and used to cross over to the Bahamas from here but this year he stayed in the Florida Keys after the monthly fee in the Bahamas was raised to $300/month for his size boat (31 ft catamaran). He's a wealth of information on the war, very enlightening. It's always good to get first hand information from someone who was there! He turned 86 this year (what are you doing sitting at home?)

Here you can see the overall plant
Well, we're casting shells, rolling dice, looking at the clouds - and it looks like Saturday is still the day to go north from Miami to Ft Lauderdale. Ann has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday in Boynton Beach so we are aiming to make that date and meet up with Joe Mastri to do some provisioning.